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ABOUT [14 May 2017|04:12pm]

The Williamson family lives in the Hamptons on Long Island. They own a large mansion with extensive lands, and most of the family members live in the main house or in a smaller building nearby. The family has considerable wealth among them, though many members have jobs of their own as well- either in New York City or beyond.

There are six adult siblings in the family, all at least 40 years old. These roles are all playable. It is suggested that all siblings be married or have partnerships outside of the family at least for the purposes of having children... though it is likely that they also have relationships amongst their family members, as has been tradition since they themselves were children. These siblings' children will also be playable, so long as they are over age 18.

Further details will be discussed and updated in time! Questions? Comments are screened.

HOLDS [14 May 2017|04:02pm]

Only members of the family and their partners are playable. Comment here to place a hold. Please include the role you want and a PB. Holds last for one week. There is no character limit, but try to avoid playing characters who would interact too frequently. Characters in italic with noted PBs are held. Other roles not listed are available, see the 'about' for more information, or just ask!

  1. Laurence Williamson - PB Sir Patrick Stewart - Age 76

  2. Leon Williamson - PB Bill Nighy - Age 70

FAMILY [14 May 2017|03:50pm]
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WANTED [14 May 2017|03:45pm]
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APPLY [14 May 2017|03:30pm]

IC journals only, please. The journal name does not need to include your character's name. A formal character bio is not required, but please at least include the following in a public entry: Name, age, relation, and occupation. Kinks and limits are also helpful. Examples are not required. Comment below with your character's journal when you're ready to join the game. Comments are screened.

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